A quest is born…

I’m creating this blog because I like movies. Particularly, I like science fiction and fantastic adventure types of movies.  But not exclusively.  I’ve loved these types of movies since I first saw Journey to the Far Side of the Sun and Jason and the Argonauts and many, many, others as a kid.

Anyway, I recently looked up movies that had won the academy award for best special effects and was surprised to see lots of movies that did not fall into this category.  However, many of these were movies that (a) I really like, (b) that I’ve always wanted to watch, or (c) that I’ve never heard of but sounded like something I would like.  I also noticed that, in general, I liked the movies that either won or were nominated for this award better than the movies that won best picture. 1977 is a perfect example.

So, here’s the deal.  I’m going to watch all the films that were nominated for academy awards in the visual special effects category (or the closest thing to it at the time) and share my personal thoughts.  I’ll start at the beginning, 1929, and watch nominated but non-winning films first.  I’ll conclude the year with the winning film.  Since this is my blog, I reserve the right to add any films I learn about that represent omissions by the academy.  I will definitely do this for years that there was no award in this category or there were very few nominees.  I’ll make every reasonable effort to see all the films in the correct chronological sequence but availability will probably be an issue at some point.  I’ll do my best.

I’m hoping to gain an historical perspective on what it was like to see the newest developments in movie technology from the perspective of watching lots of films that came before.  I’m not in the movie business and I don’t have any special training or knowledge.  I’m just a regular guy who likes this stuff.


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