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Wings – 1927

The best parts of any journey are not the main highways, but the side-trips.  It’s not the interstate, but the odd little roads that carry you off the the concrete ribbon of predictability that make travelling worthwhile.  For me, the movie “Wings” was an exit ramp off the highway of  films nominated for the academy award for special effects and onto a […]

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The Jazz Singer – 1927

This movie is where Cheap Trick got their style, Elvis got his moves, and it has some of the best acting I’ve yet seen in a silent film.  Its also got some weird remnants of southern plantation culture.   Movies, like people, sometimes do dumb stuff while they’re growing up. The Jazz Singer was one […]

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Metropolis – 1927 (Germany)

What silent film from the 1920’s features a Leonardo DiCaprio look-alike who falls in love with a girl who starts off acting sweet until they use her face to program an evil Miley Cyrus robot?  The story line manages to mash up science, religion, magic, and technology with a romance that will make you say […]

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